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Philosophy Facial Cleanser….as make up remover?

There is an understanding among the cosmetic industry that you are not to use anything for the face on and body on your eyes. Knowing this I should have listened to my gut. I can now bear witness to the fact that eyes and facial cleanser do not mix.

Eye makeup is hard to remove. My mother asked me to try something new to get it off as she hates me going to bed without cleaning it up. So she handed me a bottle of Purity Made Simple Philosophy Facial Cleanser and told me that she had been using it on her own eyes to remove her makeup. I agreed to a two week trial where I would use it and let her know how I felt. Nothing happened for the first week of use. But by the second week I noticed there were lines around my eyes due to dryness. I let it go due to the reemerging stress of school. However, by the end of the second week, my eyelids became itchy. I had to think of reasons why it could have been. I babysit on the side and watch youngsters 4 and 6. Children tend to carry plenty of germs and I easily could have gotten some from them. However, I still decided to back off the Philosophy Facial Cleanser and bought a remover specifically for eyes. The relief was instant. Four days later my eyes were back to normal.

The skin around the eyes is much more sensitive than the face. The products used in facial cleansers can include a larger amount of sulfate and other ingredients that are too harsh for eyes. Steer clear of facial cleansers for full make-up remover, you may dry your eyes out and have itchy eyes for a good part of a week!

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