Olive Oil as a Make-up Remover

This short post is a tribute to olive oil and its ability to be used as a make-up remover. Simply put, it is safe, moisturizing and effective.20140521_123924

I began using olive oil when I read a bit in New Beauty Magazine on its benefits; among them was “effective make-up remover”.  They asserted that olive oil was the one and only make-up remover that you need.

When I ran out of my store-bought remover I remembered the article and found my extra-
virgin olive oil in my cabinet. All I have to do is apply it to a cloth and take off my make-up in my usual fashion and it comes right off! It works as though it were a professional eye make-up remover.

I have been using the huge bottle from Walmart this whole time. It has saved me about 10.00 USD every 2 weeks. It not only removes make-up, but because of olive oil’s moisturizing and healing properties it treats my eyes as well.

Check out Good Housekeeping’s article on the Top 8 Surprising Uses of Olive Oil.

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