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Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Product: Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo and Pureology Hydrate Conditioner
  • Price: 28.00 USD for the shampoo and 30.00 USD for the conditioner
  • Initial Review: 4/6/2016
  • Vendor: Your local salon; Salon Sculpt (Lubbock, TX)
  • Reason for Purchase: I needed new hair products that would voluminize my hair and also keep it hydrated. I loved my Kevin Murphy, but I also noticed my hair was getting so long that it is too heavy to look voluminized. So to get both, I bought one for volume and one for hydration (also for other reasons less noble). I was also attracted to the “Nano-Technology” and I hoped that it would spread through my thick hair more easily than the other shampoos and conditioners.
Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo and Pureology Hydrate Light Conditioner
Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo and Pureology Hydrate Light Conditioner

I had been looking up new hair products for this summer (and for this blog) that would be able to compete with Kevin Murphy and label.m. Searching for online tutorials, a common product (yes, Pureology), kept popping up in my YouTube feed. It was actually very popular in 2015 and heavily marketed as the first “Nano-Technology” product, which assured users that it would spread across the scalp due to the tiny micro-whatevers.

Pureology boasts that they have developed products that are “Anti-Fade” for colored hair and that have “Zero Sulfate” to promote hydration. All the while they claim to be 100% vegan. They promise that their products will not fade hair color and that all their products are customized towards different hair types. (Source)

That being the case, I decided to take them up on that challenge and take their hair consultation quiz (Take the Quiz). Check out what my answers were to the quiz!

So according to my results, I was told to purchase Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner. HOWEVER, when I went to buy the products, the Hydrate Shampoo was out and I was antsy to get reviewing. I learned my lesson as you will read below in a few.


  1. Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo; and,
  2. Pureology Hydrate Conditioner


I had high expectations for this product, especially when it came to the products’s ability to move through my hair without any problems due to all that “Nana-technology”. According to the website, Pureology states for each of the products I bought that:

Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo

“Pure Volume delivers long-lasting volume by addressing the specific challenges of fine, colour-treated hair.” (Source)

“New cleansing experience for maximum volume. ZeroSulfate, high foaming, light formula removes volume-inhibiting build-up more thoroughly to weightlessly elevate hair with increased volume, shine and colour protection.”

Pureology Hydrate Conditioner:

“Gently cleanse and moisturize hair while protecting hair colour vibrancy with this luxurious, concentrated daily hydrating system.”

“ZeroSulfate formula with the exclusive AntiFadeComplex infuses hair with essential hydration to protect and moisturize colour-treated hair.” (Source)

On top of these assertions, there is also the list of ingredients.

Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo:

  • AntiFadeComplex – there are few sources on what this complex is, but supposedly it is a complex that helps hair retain haircolor and brilliance
  • ZeroSulfate – This is a promise by Pureology that their products do not contain Sulfate, which may cause dry scalp and brittle hair
  • Natural Plant Extracts:
    • Lavendar – a natural humectant that nourishes hair and promotes blood flow. Blood flow to the hair is like giving water to flowers, necessary for hair growth. It is also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties (incudes Linalool and Linalyl Acetate)
    • Ylang Ylang – this is an oil that comes from a tree of the same name which comes primarily from southeastern Asia. The essential oils have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, as well as a beautiful scent
    • Sandalwood – With its sweet, woodsy scent, this essential oil (which also may be an antioxidant) helps with mental clarity and calmness. It also has anti-viral and antiseptic properties, as well as anti-inflammatory. It may also help with coughing and high blood pressure.
  • Signature Aromatherapy Blend:
    • Amber – this is a fossilized resin (not sap) of trees. It has a woody, leather scent that makes it distinctive. It can help repair hair follicles and acts as a surfactant (cleanser) for skin and hair.
    • Mandarin – an essential oil known for smelling like orange, it has antiseptic properties, promotes healthy blood flow, as is also known to help spasms in the muscles and respiratory system.
    • Ylang Ylang – See Above

So my overall expectation was that the Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo was going to easily cleanse my hair with essential oils that were known for their antibacterial and antiseptic properties. I also expected this shampoo to smell very good with a more orange and leather scent with a hint of the backwoods.

Pureology Hydrate Conditioner:

  • AntiFadeComplex
  • Jojoba Esters – jojoba is an ester that can help mimic human sebum (oils) and therefore can promote elasticity in the hair. It can also promote hydration because of the similarity to human oils.
  • Shea Butter – Shea butter has a large amount of Vitamin A and E, both of which promote healing and rejuvination. It treats skin conditions such as dry rash, eczema and dandruff.
  • Natural Plant Extracts:
    • Peppermint – peppermint promotes blood flow and stimulates hair follicles to promote growth. It also can be used to as a memory enhancer so wash your hair with this before you take a test in school.
    • Sage – sage can be known as an antioxidant that helps avoid oxidation (it aids in antiaging). Sage can also help to avoid muscle spasms, inflammation, and bacterial growth. Sage is also known for its gentle scent and can help with mental stimulation and memory. If you are also having fungal issues, sage is right for you.
    • Rosemary – rosemary is known for soothing aches and pains, promoting digestive health, and improving memory. It has a woody, evergreen scent and has claimed to promote hairgrowth due to its ability to aid in blood circulation.
  • Signature Aromatherapy Blend:
    • Peppermint – See Above
    • Corn Mint Essential Oils (Mentha Arvensis) – this essential oil comes from corn mint and has been used to treat coughs, flatulence, and digestive problems. It can also help with aches and pains as well as memory issues.

So my expectations for the Pureology Hydrate Conditioner, along with all the good reviews of it, was that it was going to smell a little minty, but would also help my hair believe that their was still human oil in my hair because of the jojoba. That would be the best for the bottom of my hair because of the fact that if you brush oil into the bottom of your hair it helps lubricate it well. I also expected it to be gentle enough to also keep my hair from getting to oily, which promotes volume.

So now it was time for the experiment.


The Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo and the Pureology Hydrate Conditioner both yielded vastly different results.

Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo

Overall Reaction – Poor

Perhaps it was hasty of me to buy the Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo without looking into it first. Maybe it was due to the influx of low reviews the product had online with an average score of 2.4. Or maybe it was when I put the product on my scalp that it wouldn’t move through like the advertising said it would. Or maybe it was the awkward smell of the product that made it seem unappealing (smells like an old woman’s perfume).

No, more likely it was that I couldn’t even make it to a third wash without my best friend looking at my hair and asking why it was so oily and if I’d been washing it. She knew I was reviewing new products and had been there when I bought the Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo.

Here’s how my days went:

Day 1

I begin to lather my hair and noticed that the scent of the product was beginning to give me a slight headache. The kind of headache that only comes when there is an odd scent that you can’t make go away. The application to my head was so odd. I began trying to push it through my hair, but the product wouldn’t really go through at all. Only after about 5 minutes did I feel like it was spreading on my scalp. The texture was similar to if and when you ever got something sticky in your hair and it was your third time attempting to wash it out. My hair did not feel clean, and it reminded me of Wen hair products as they do not have sulfate and therefore the result can be sticky hair. That was what happened to the top of my head. My hair was sticking together and the hair was still very oily no matter how I attempted to brush it.

Day 2

I was willing to try again, hoping that the first wash was a fluke and that this would be different. However, as I applied it again, it felt worse because the first wash didn’t get fully out of my hair. It was actually harder this time because my sebum (oil) seemed to latch onto the product and thicken. When I did the “squeak test” on my hair to see if it was clean. It did not squeak and was not considered clean in my book. The Pureology Hydrate Conditioner was helping the bottom of my hair, but it was the top of my hair that wasn’t presentable and had a strange, icky texture to it as if I had only applied water to oily hair.

Day 3

This was the last day that I could stand to have my hair looking this ratchet. So I tried one more time to rid my hair of the oil and to get that shiny, volumized look. For the past couple of days my hair had been anything but voluminous. It was clumpy, flat, and heavy. I tried one more time, pushing my fingers through my sticky hair, smelling all that old lady perfume, hoping this might settle it. Nope. When my hair dried the next day I couldn’t do it anymore. I worked out, got sweaty, and reverted back to my label.m for the beautiful scent and the wash that actually worked.

I am not the only person that had a poor time with the Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo, and I encourage my readers to look at the reviews and determine how they feel about trying it. My sister said that it worked for her but she has hair so thick that she’s had it professionally thinned. She might not have had known it was gross underneath…or maybe it worked for her. Her hair looked clean, so maybe this was a good product for those with thick hair.

But there is always an upside.

Pureology Hydrate Conditioner

Overall Reaction – Positive

I really enjoyed the Pureology Hydrate Conditioner. It didn’t particularly smell like anything, but it was so effective in hydrating my hair. It was very, very smooth and at first I thought that this wouldn’t work because I assumed it would stay on top of my hair strands and wouldn’t absorb well. Yet, when my hair dried (besides my gross top head due to the Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo), it was very smooth and flowy at the bottom. My natural curls came out and the hair separated beautifully. My hair was very soft and had a clean scent.

Day 1

As I put the Pureology Hydrate Conditioner in my hand, I noticed the smooth texture immediately. The product softened even my hand and neck as I moved it around and applied it to my hair below my scalp. I moved it through and the conditioner spread marvelously. There wasn’t too much spillage and it held itself together very easily. I found it easy to manipulate through my hair and very easy to wash out.

Day 2

I was excited to use the conditioner again and actually applied it a little to the top of my head because of house ugly my hair felt with the Pure Volume Shampoo. The Pureology Hydrate Conditioner easily went through my hair again, but didn’t weigh it down. My hair had a perfect balance of hydration and softness. I wasn’t getting too oily and even though the jojoba oil mimicked human oil, it didn’t clump or over-oil my hair at all. My hair was flowy and beautiful at the bottom when it dried.

Day 3

The Pureology Hydrate Conditioner still worked so well after all the time I spent hating the shampoo. I still use it now and it also works so well as a shaving cream because it keeps your skin clean, safe, and hydrated. It does a number on my dry scalp and feels like a lotion in the shower. It was one of the best conditioners I have ever used.


Overall, the Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo didn’t work at all for me and was just another shampoo that reminds users of all those sulfate-free shampoos that left their hair greasy, clumpy, and gross.

The Pureology Hydrate Conditioner was a great product that really helped hydrate my hair and also promoted healing on my skin and hair. I enjoyed it immensely and it is something I will buy again when I feel my hair is getting dry.

Pureology does spread easily and efficiently. However, I believe the flop in the Pure Volume Shampoo was the new formula.The majority of the people who reviewed the product poorly remarked on the change in formula from what they remembered and how the product no longer worked for them because of it.

But the point is to try them all, make sure to review the product beforehand for ratings, and never be too hasty when it comes to hair shampoos and conditioners.

My Test Questions and Answers

So the rest of my adventure started with my own personal consultation (my answers are in bold):

What is your age? (Did you know that your hair changes as you age? Hair ages intrinsically through time, and the aging process accelerates as you treat it with harsh chemicals and expose it to the damaging sun.)

  • 18 or less?
  • 19 – 25 
  • 26 – 35
  • 46 – 55
  • 55 and up

How often do you colour your hair?

  • 3 weeks or less
  • 4 – 7 weeks
  • 8 – 12 weeks
  • 12 weeks or longer

Do you use hot styling tools?

  • Yes
  • No

What best describes your hair challenges?

  • Dry and Dehydrated
  • Damaged and Distressed
  • Rough, Dull and Brittle
  • Wiry and Unruly
  • Flat and Limp
  • Flat and Damaged
  • Oily/Product Build Up
  • Fragile and Blonde/Highlighted Haircolour
  • Maintaining Red Haircolour Vibrancy
  • Texture and appearance has changed in the last couple of years
  • Normal, Healthy Hair

My desired end result would be…

  • Volume
  • Texture
  • Strong Control and Hold
  • Smooth and Straight
  • Frizz Reduction
  • Shine
  • Illuminated Highlights
  • Long Lasting Style

My Result:

  1. Hydrate Shampoo and Condition; and,
  2. Pureology New Pure Volume Instant Levitation Mist


I am a holistic blogger and foodie who also enjoy working with technology. Call me crazy but I enjoy researching and telling the world what I found out. Follow me to learn about the latest in Beauty and Holistic Wellness, as well as updates on fun new foods you too can make. Best wishes to all my bloggers and foodies!

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