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Calendula Salve – Kimberly's Kupboard

  • Product: Calendula Salve
  • Price: 10.69 USD
  • Initial Review: 12/1/2016
  • Vendor: Kimberly’s Kupboard
  • Reason for Purchase: Originally bought for my grandfather, who has chronic dry skin, this product’s purpose was intended as a lotion for hands. This organic salve can also be used for skin, hair, and nails as Calendula is a very powerful moisturizer and healer.

Christmas is just around the corner, and with that wonderful time of year comes cold weather up here in Chicago. All those who were blown away by the snowfall of December 4th, 2016 know what happens to hands when they are out too long in ice. Yes, this review is going to be based on my legendary battle with the chap, and I have nominated the Calendula Salve by Kimberly’s Kupboard as my champion.

Kimberly’s Kupboard Calendula Salve

I ran across Kimberly at a craft show earlier in the year and asked her about moisturizers that would act as a healing agent for someone like my grandpa. His skin gets so dry that it breaks and bleeds. She had the salve on display to try and I found I liked how it sat on my skin. But before you think that this is a sort of lotion (the reason I’d bought it in the first place), you’d be mistaken. A salve and a lotion can have the same goal, but they are very different types of topical ointments. I will get into that in a bit.


Calendula is known for its healing properties. If you were to do any online search about Calendula, the first search results are all about how great it is as a healing herb. So I was excited to use it to help heal my grandpa bleeding hands and stubborn crusty skin. I also assumed it was going to be very gentle, and, based on my experience at the craft show, I expected it to glide gently like oil. I wasn’t sure how long it would take for the Calendula Salve to heal wounds, but many people on her review board said it took about a week after daily topical use.

Overall, I expected it would be easy to use and would heal most dermal problems. And, based on the ingredients list, I assumed it would work fast.


Calendula is a flower also known as Marigold. It is found throughout Europe and is especially popular in the Mediterranean regions as a medicinal herb. Kimberly’s Kupboard Calendula Salve includes the name “Calendula” as its main ingredient is “Calendula-Infused Olive Oil”. That does not mean, however, that the Calendula is either a pure essential oil extract, or that the Calendula is just stuffed in there, petals and all.

A comprehensive look at the ingredients are listed below:

  • Calendula-infused Olive Oil: combining the benefits of Calendula and Olive oil is a great way to promote healing and moisture.
    • Calendula: Calendula flowers include flavonoids and linoleic acid, both of which are suggested to stop bacterial growth. Calendula oil is also anti-flammatory because of these flavonoids and the linoleic acid, and can help control bleeding and calm irritable skin.
    • Olive Oil: Olive oil already has a great rap for anti-inflammation due to its large amount of polyphenols (source). It helps as an anti-oxidant and can defend the skin against irritation, free-radicals, and the elements. It is also a natural emollient (moisturizer).
  • Chamomile-infused Oil: Chamomile is great for blood flow as it is a Vasodilator. This expands the veins and allows for more blood flow to the surface of the skin. This process helps with skin healing as skin needs a healthy blood flow to heal. Chamomile also has anti-inflammatory properties due to its “histamine release inhibition” that stops free-radicals.
  • Beeswax: A natural wax produced by honeybees. It is used as a hydrating waxing agent for cosmetics. It serves a duel purpose of hydrating and protecting while also serving as a vehicle for the cosmetic ingredients added to it (emulsion).
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is the natural wound healer and emollient that can really save your skin if its been damaged or dried out. Vitamin E is also found is a bunch of natural plants and spices. Whether applied topically or orally, this Vitamin will heal your skin from the inside-out.

Due to the healing properties of all the ingredients, as well as emollient agents in each, I was confident this salve would moisturize and heal my grandpa’s hands as well as provide a sort of lotion for my hands.


Kimberly’s Kupboard Calendula Salve was a success when it came to healing my grandpa’s hands. It didn’t take too long, as he began applying it when I bought it for him. Within a week, his hands were no longer cracked and bleeding. However, as soon as a week was up, I began using the Calendula Salve myself, and my results were a little different.

At first I aimed to use it for a lotion. And that was not exactly a mistake, but it was a mistake to think that the Salve would act the same as a lotion.

Lotion vs Salve

Lotion – a lotion blends into the epidermal layer of the skin when applied topically (please only apply topically). It is more of a humectant–something that attracts moisture. It is not really meant to heal unless you buy lotion with specific healing agents in it.

Salve – a salve is oil-based and is meant to heal. As an emollient, it is great to moisturize, but that is its secondary function. If you are looking to heal your skin (especially dry, cracked skin), a salve is the right way to go, not a lotion.

So when I began this journey, I used this Salve as a Lotion. I was wondering why, when I applied it, it looked greasy. I blew it off as “this is an oily product and some people are into that”. But after I began to look into salves, I began to understand that this was more of a topical remedy than a moisturizer. When it came to healing, Kimberly’s Kupboard Calendula Salve did great work in a short amount of time. But when applied as a lotion, it was, of course, greasy. But it is meant to glide easily over a wound to heal it, not to moisturize it. The greasy feeling does go away eventually, but I would not recommend it as a lotion.

A good use for Kimberly’s Kupboard Calendula Salve? Apply it to cracked elbows. Mine are now perfectly soft and no longer red.

Kimberly’s Kupboard

Want to see more of Kimberly’s products? Visit her Etsy site and also check out her amazing Elderberry Honey (perfect for hot tea).

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