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Pai-Shau Cleanser & Conditioner

  • Product: Pai-Shau Replenishing Cleanser & Cream Conditioner
  • Price: 26.00 USD
  • Initial Review: 09/04/2016
  • Vendor: Jeffrey LaMorte Salon; Pai-Shau Online
  • Reason for Purchase: My cousin was about to get married and my hair needed a trim and a style for me to show my face to the wedding. But jokes aside, my hairdresser and I had been talking about what she would like to wash my hair with since they no longer carried label.m (my favorite brand thus far). She washed my hair with this Pai-Shau Replenishing Cleanser & Cream Conditioner, and I fell in love with the results: soft, luxurious hair.
Pai-Shau Replenishing Hair Cleanser & Conditioner

I bought the Pai-Shau Replenishing Hair Cleanser & Cream Conditioner when my hairdresser at Jeffrey LaMorte Salon in Frankfort, IL used it on my hair and then blow-dried it out. My hair felt very soft and luxurious, and I decided to test it to see whether or not it would continue to hydrate my hair. I also needed a new cleanser after the disappointment of Pureology’s Pure Volume Shampoo. So there I had it, a new cleanser and conditioner that I began to test.

I decided to give it a couple of months to test, and now, about 4 months later, I’m ready to spill the beans.


At first, I had not looked up anything about Pai-Shau or their cleansing rituals (I have to stop doing this), and my only indication that it would work well was that first wash that I got at the salon. But what I can assume about the product’s long-term effects would be found in the ingredients.

Pai-Shau Replenishing Cleanser

The webpage for the Pai-Shau Replenishing Cleanser featured a couple of key highlights:

  • Signature Tea Complex deeply infuses hair with moisture
  • Luxurious lather that is sulfate free
  • Combination of amino acids and essential vitamins & minerals
  • Suitable for all hair types


I was happy with the lathering bit, because with some vegan products, there is so little lathering that the product doesn’t really wash out. I was also very excited about the combination of amino-acids as that has never failed me before. So my next project was to find what was in this mystical “Signature Tea Complex” that made this Pai-Shau Replenishing Cleanser so awesome.


The following is what I found out about the ingredients:

  • Vitamin B: Vitamin B7 (also known as biotin) is a hair growth accelerator that helps stimulates hair follicles to promote healthy new growth. However, it has not been proven to work topically, but has been proven to work when taken orally. If you want to help grow your hair, take biotin capsules daily.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is generally considered an anti-oxidant so long as it is combined with another anti-oxidant such as Vitamin E (or else it can encourage aging when applied topically). Vitamin C helps prevent sun damage by deflecting UV rays.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a skin healer and emollient. It helps balance out Vitamin B and C and also helps hair structure.
  • Panthenol: This is a provitamin of the Vitamin B5. It functions as a wound healer and a moisturizer. It penetrates the skin and mucous membranes and thus oxidizes into pantothenic acid, which is the acid that essentially promotes healing and moisture.
  • Signature Tea Complex
    • White Tea: “Natural UV filter and environmental protectant which helps extend the life of your color” (source) and “White tea is a rich source of antioxidants especially epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which has profound effect on the growth of hair” (source)
    • Pu-erh Tea: “Contains powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins while deeply cleansing to exfoliate strands of hair and increase product penetration” (source). Although the Pai-Shau makes claims to this tea’s powerful anti-oxidants, it holds much less anti-oxidants than other teas because of its oxidation when processed. There are no scientific claims that Pu-erh can do what it claims (source).
    • Green Tea: “Stimulates circulation and helps clear hair follicles of debris which aids in healthy hair growth” (source). This claim that green tea helps hair growth has held up time and time again. Green tea is packed with polyphenols (Vitamin C and E) that help stimulate hair growth and help exfoliate debris away from the hair follicles (source).
    • Black Tea (Rooibos): “Contains vitamins and minerals that add luster, shine and body to the hair” (source). Black tea is often found in African American and African hair products. Black tea is known to reduce shedding due to the fact that it is so high in caffeine. Caffeine blocks DHT, the hormone that induces shedding (source).
    • African Red Bush Tea: “Contains protein and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe scalp irritation” (source). “Red tea is enriched with zinc, copper, potassium, and calcium, which all promote hair growth and strengthening. The high dose of copper assists to prevent premature graying of hair, while anti-inflammatory agents of the tea can also help to soothe the scalp and fight dandruff” (source)

Learn more about the benefits of tea for your hair.

My expectations for the Pai-Shau Replenishing Hair Cleanser was that it was going to clean out the hair follicles and promote a clean scalp. I also assumed that my hair would not be falling out nearly as much as I’m used to. I also expected it to moisturize and fix my hair as well as helping to avoid split ends.

Pai-Shau Replenishing Cream Conditioner

The Pai-Shau Replenishing Cream Conditioner was very strong on my hair and I was recommended to only use a quarter’s worth on my very long hair. I always use more than I should–but hey, it’s my money. The Replenishing Cream Conditioner worked very well the first time, and I was excited to use it again.

The webpage for the Pai-Shau Replenishing Cream Conditioner featured a couple of key highlights:

  • Signature Tea Complex in combination with rice amino acids and oat proteins to strengthen the hair
  • Weightless moisture
  • Suitable for all hair types



The difference between the Cleanser and the Cream Conditioner are the rice amino acids and the oat proteins.

  • Signature Tea Complex
  • Rice Amino Acids: the amino acids in rice help exfoliate the skin like glycolic acid, and also has about 9 amino acids in it that help rebuild collagen in skin and therefore, helps avoid skin breakdown (source).
  • Oat Proteins: Protein helps hold on to moisture in the hair and skin, which helps to avoid dehydration. This helps to avoid frizzy hair and keeps it manageable. Hydrolized oats have two proteins, avenins and glubulins, which promote softness and moisture (source)

So, overall, I expected this conditioner to keep my hair moisture higher for longer because of the proteins that would keep my hair from losing water. I also expected that the collagen in my hair would be higher. I also expected the same Signature Tea Complex benefits as from the Replenishing Cleanser.


I’ve been using the Pai-Shau Replenishing Cleanser & Cream Condioner for a couple of months now, and I have found that they work very well in unison together. When I first began to use it, I felt that my hair was acting a bit on the dry side. I figured that was going to be because of the proteins and how sometimes when hair has too much collagen it can get dry.

However, a couple of months later, I noticed that when I took more care to really rub my hair with the conditioner, that the hair was much more supple and soft. I wash my hair only every other day, so it didn’t come from over-washing. My hair comes out very luxurious and have soft waves.

Sometimes, there is occasional drying, but that can happen due to weather. I was mostly concerned about one thing and that is that my hair is a bit too long to curl very well. The Pai-Shau Replenishing Cream Conditioner is not exactly helping in this regard as it is making my hair a bit more limp due to the water retention. My hair is very soft and malleable, but it no longer has any real curl definition. Now it is just wavy.

The smell is alright, it just doesn’t smell like anything in particular. The Replenishing Cleanser moves very easily in my hair when I use it and the Replenishing Cream Conditioner is also very easy to move through my hair and doesn’t “gloop”. It washes out easily and doesn’t make any clumps. My hair is well washed after I am done and I don’t see much grease in my hair until the third day. The lathering is very easy and doesn’t create too many bubbles, but doesn’t create a weird greasy streak either.

The Pai-Shau Replenishing Cleanser & Cream Conditioner is a very good product as long as you need conditioning in your hair. If you are looking for more body and more curls, perhaps a different product would work better. It does give hair shine and softness, but not body. Either use a different cleanser and conditioner, or use products that promote volume and/or curls.

Great product, would definitely use again.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing!! I started using this product a couple months ago and I absolutely love it but after reading this I understand what I’m actually using in my hair! Can’t wait for your next blog update!

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