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My Skin Care Routine

As someone who has also dealt with acne, I wanted to share with you my skin care routine that I have been following for a couple of months now. Acne has now become a thing of the past.

The trick is to make sure that you clean your pores and stay hydrated. There are also a bunch of tips and tricks that build up over time so that you are left with clean and glowing skin. I have separated my routine into my typical 3-day span as an example you can follow and adjust as needed.

If you’d like more information, you can use my Science of Beauty blog to begin your research and find some fun products that you might want to try.

Remember that this is only my own list and can be changed to suit your needs, so have fun with it and good luck!

In this article:


Although this looks like a grocery list, these products are the easiest to buy and are the most versatile for your DIY skincare kit. If you have these, the skincare world is your oyster.

  1. Almond milk
  2. Brown rice
  3. Vitamin E oil (substitute for night/day moisturizer)
  4. Geranium or lavender essential oil
  5. Oil control mask (algae, clay)
  6. Honey
  7. Yogurt
  8. Oats
  9. Lip balm/oil
  10. Lemon juice
  11. Oils (olive, coconut, sweet almond, jojoba, maracuja)
  12. Eggs (whites)
  13. Face moisturizer (night and day)
  14. Lotion
  15. Dry brush
  16. Rose water
  17. Lotion
  18. SPF cream for face and eye
  19. Face and eye serum
  20. Toner
  21. Mango
  22. Water
  23. Hair, Nails, and Skin supplements

Every Day Routine

The most important parts are bolded. If you don’t want to do the other steps, you can pass them up until you want to try them.

  1. Drink lemon water ½ hour before eating (3 tbsp with 1 cup water) to detoxify the body and brighten the skin through vitamin C
  2. Eat wholesome breakfast (protein and fats are great to keep you full and hydrated)
  3. Take vitamins for hair, skin, and nails or eat food with vitamin c, e, biotin and omega-3 fatty acids
  4. Rub face with olive oil and coconut oil.
  5. Wash with your choice of face wash (I use Burt’s Bees face washes).
  6. Spray face with toner (rose water is the best—find online for $15)
  7. Apply toner to bacteria-filled areas (such as acne or oily areas).
  8. Apply your carrier oil (Maracuja, Sweet Almond, Jojoba) to your face.
  9. Apply Vitamin E oil to your undereye and eyelids.
  10. Apply your face serum (anti-aging or brightening); you can add this to your face cream.
  11. Apply your eye serum (healing); you can add this to your eye cream.
  12. Apply your face cream (Add 1 drop of either geranium or lavender essential oil; helps with inflammation, redness, and acne); apply it to face and neck (jojoba oil or olive oil is great as a moisturizer)
  13. Apply eye cream.
  14. Apply lip balm/oil.
  15. Apply your SPF cream to face and eye.
  16. Apply lotion to the whole body as well. Avoid lotions with scents and go for the CeraVe or Cetaphil brands
  17. Using a foundation BASE instead of the foundation itself is much better as this hydrates and promotes a smooth complexion. Make sure to buy a hydrating base (or primer) (Base can also be found for eyes as well).

If showering:

  1. “Dry brush” the skin every other day before the shower. This gets rid of dead skin cells and promote cell turnover.
  2. Remove makeup with olive oil.

Between steps 5 and 6, you can routinize your Exfoliation, Hydration, and Peeling rituals throughout the week. The following sections give some examples of what I do each day.

Exfoliation Day

This step between steps 5 and 6:

  1. Use an exfoliating scrub on the face; almond milk and brown rice paste is excellent for the skin (grind up rice and add almond milk until pasty; apply evenly to face) or any face exfoliant.
  2. Add pure honey under the eye and wash away with lukewarm water after 10 – 20 minutes.
  3. Use a sugar or salt body scrub in the shower once a week.

Hydration Day

This step between steps5 and 6:

Use a hydrating mask. There are plenty of hydrating masks out there. Options include:

  1. Pure Aloe Vera Mask (hydration and inflammation)
  2. Pure Honey Mask (hydration)
  3. Pure Yogurt Mask (inflammation)
  4. ½ cup oats, 1 tsp honey, and ¼ cup yogurt mask (hydration)
  5. 1 Egg white, 1 tsp lemon juice, and 1 tsp honey (radiance)
  6. ½ banana, 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp honey (radiance)

The list goes on and on. Choose on that works for you.

TIP: Add orange essential oil to your morning moisturizer to promote radiance.

Peel Day

This step between steps 5 and 6:

Use a chemical peel or an acid peel to slowly remove dead layers of skin. Deep cleaners such as black mud masks are also very helpful.

I tend to use pumpkin enzyme peels for my routine. There are also some DIY tricks such as pineapple and tomato.


  1. Avoid using sugars, adhesive, or salt on the face as this lifts the top layer of skin and promotes bacteria
  2. Anything meant to go on face does not go on eyes! The eye area is the most sensitive part of the body and deteriorates first.
  3. Be sure to keep your bathroom and products clean as bacteria promotes acne as well (why geranium is so helpful because it is anti-bacterial)
  4. DO NOT apply essential oils directly to skin without diluting it (jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, etc)
  5. Do not exfoliate every day as this rips off the top layer of skin and promotes bacteria growth
  6. Do not wash hair and skin every day, and if you must, only wash what needs washing
  7. Do not pick at skin and if you have this habit, use a salve with vitamin e or calendula to promote rapid healing
  8. Avoid using cover up as this suffocates your pores and clogs them
  9. Avoid using lotions or other body products on the face as these are too heavy and clog pores. Skin must breathe.
  10. Do not pop those zits unless necessary
  11. Consult your doctor or dermatologist before making extreme changes to your skin care routine.
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