Skin Care

My Skin Care Routine

I’ve been asked: “How do you take care of your skin”. The answer is both simple but strange. For those of you who are in to Korean Beauty (aka: K-Beauty), you’ll know that the average Korean woman adheres to a 10-step skin care process to maintain her skin. I have done that with my routine, but also added my own customizations based on my research and what I found has worked best for my skin (especially with the use of oils). Let me know in the comment section what you do for your skin care routine and what you think of my morning/night ritual!

Hair Products

label.m Honey and Oat Shamp/Cond

I had gone to my local spa to get my hair done, where my hairdresser (who had warned me before that my hair was too dry) had had enough of my hair. Along with chopping half of it off (which it needed) she washed it thoroughly with this product twice. After my hair had been styled and curled it was the softest hair I had ever touched in my life. The curls were bouncy and shiny, and they had just been dyed, blow-dried and curled!