Moisturizing Hair Products

label.m Honey and Oat Shampoo & Conditioner – “I had gone to my local spa to get my hair done, where my hairdresser (who had warned me before that my hair was too dry) had had enough of my hair. Along with chopping half of it off (which it needed) she washed it thoroughly with this product twice. After my hair had been styled and curled it was the softest hair I had ever touched in my life. The curls were bouncy and shiny, and they had just been dyed, blow-dried and curled!”

So I decided to try it for the next couple of months…

Kevin Murphy HYDRATE.ME Wash and Rinse – “Every 6 months my hairdresser suggests changing my hair wash and rinse. I have very dry hair, and after the label.m I wanted something that would help my dry hair even more. I was directed towards Kevin Murphy’s products as a chance to hydrate and lock in moisture in my hair.”

Pureology Hydrate Conditioner – The Pureology Hydrate Conditioner was a great product that used jojoba oil to hydrate hair. The jojoba oil was similar to human oil and therefore provided a very soothing balm on the hair strands, yet not heavy enough to weigh it down. The conditioner was also very helpful as a shaving cream and lotion.

Pai-Shau Replenishing Cleanser & Cream Conditioner – Pai-Shau is a recently launched brand in the United States and has shown up in our salons across the nation. This product is very useful and has wonderfully hydrating results on my hair. It may even hydrate too much as my hair can come out a bit limp from the shear amount of moisture. But overall it did what it promised and is definitely worth the money.

Moroccanoil® Moisture Repair Conditioner – My hair has been getting dryer these days, and I know that it’s mostly to do with the weather. I actually need something to weigh it down because the top part of my hair is puffing all over the place and then the bottom half curls all nicely. So I am looking for a conditioner that attempts to restore my hair’s moisture without getting too oily. Moroccanoil® has a great reputation and I plan on testing it against that reputation.