Beauty-Boosting Vitamins

Vitamins are a key ingredient in your everyday wellness routine. Vitamins act as anti-aging agents, moisturizers, dark circle fighters and much more.

As you browse through the list, find the vitamin that works mostly in your favor: Do you have dark circle under your eyes? Do you have sun damage that needs repairing? Do you have dry skin or oily skin? Depending on the individual vitamin’s benefits you can customize your skin care regimen to your cosmetics that you purchase anywhere just by scanning the ingredient list on the product.

Beauty Enhancing Vitamins

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Terms You Should Know

There are some terms in the Vitamin descriptions that you need to know, otherwise, some of their important attributes will be missed. These are the main 4:

  • Antioxidants- Vitamins A, C, and E are antioxidants which protect your skin from “oxidization” which produces free radicals.
  • Free-Radicals- Unpaired electrons that break down a cell and kill it, thus creating a chain reaction of breaking down skin elasticity.
  • Fat-Soluble- When a vitamin is fat soluble it will be absorbed within the body only when accompanied by fat. It stays within the body and is stored.
  • Water-Soluble- Some vitamins only need water to dissolve in the body. It  will not be stored but used quickly.

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